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"Turn on your television, right now. Turn on your television. It's the beginning of World War III." The consummate night-owl, these were the words to which I awoke at approximately 9:30am on September 11th. As my partner and I held phones and watched in horror, all I could think or say was, "we did this. We did this..." Though he said nothing, he thought I was nuts. Friends reached in NYC thought the conclusion was hateful. Today? The only sentiment voiced is, "you called it."

And, so, today, I state my belief of the past several months: Kerry was a plant. A ringer brought in to do everything within his power to avoid surging ahead of Bush in polls, minds, and hearts. His job [as he saw it] was to remain neck-and-neck, making this selection less obvious than the last. Fortunately for them, the first coup is the hardest. This one, by the grace of misdirection and Diebold, seems to have gone off without a hitch.

The thought first arrived courtesy of my brother, and, as siblings are wont to do, I enjoyed attributing the alleged delusion to insanity.

One of God's most unusual creations, Bro is functionally illiterate in a fair number of written languages, profoundly deaf, and the bastard child of MacGyver and Michaelangelo. And, sadly, he knows war of the incoming kind, intimately...

He spent the first 18 years of his life stepping over dead bodies, dodging snipers, and cowering through bombing raids in Beirut, Lebanon. "Normal" was waking up each morning with bullets and/or shrapnel in his bed, and [beginning at age 7] sneaking out for 2am food runs, searching the rubble of bombed-out buildings or scavenging through garbage heaps in search of something...anything to eat, for himself and the even more severely handicapped students at his "school". That he lived to tell his tales was no small feat, and many of his peers were not so lucky. His personal horror stories should be required reading for every American who believes "I need not concern myself with those on the ground in Iraq, nor anywhere beyond these borders. Kill 'em all and let God sort it out!" The greatest problem facing America isn't the creeping fascism. It's the creepy narcissism.

How did Bro manage to survive? A combination of luck, intelligence, and uncanny intuition. Though the ability is no longer a constant and immediate matter of life and death [may it e'er remain thus for this particular "raghead"], whether crossing a country or driving through an unfamiliar ville, he can tell you, well in advance, where every law enforcement officer will be. And, in populated areas, while I'm generally looking at architecture, he's pointing out all of the undercover cops, shoplifters, pick-pockets, etc., ad nauseam. In 20+ years, I have never known him to be wrong when it comes to this sort of thing...

So! We were subjected to an endless loop of the technologically isolated Dean scream and then told he was no longer "our" candidate. Kerry was plopped front and center, and we were instructed that "this is the guy you choose." I did notice that! And I laughed, believing the collective we wouldn't fall for something so very obvious. "Excuse me, but we will decide who the candidate is." OOPS! Is my face red.

A few days after it's been made unofficially official that Kerry will, indeed, be the candidate, we see him and Bush on the news, in a room, together [with several others, and not standing near each other. I do not remember the specific occasion]. I point to Kerry, saying, "he's going to be the man running against Bush in the next election."

Bro looked at him, closely, then responded, "no. That's not him. He and Bush are working together. They're on the same side." I did the obligatory and big-sisterly you-can-be-SUCH-an-idiot snort, and said, "Bro. Take my word for it. That's John Kerry, he's going to be the Democrats' candidate, and he and Bush are on opposite sides. They're certainly civil to each other because they do work together in the sense that they both [are supposed to] work for us, but see me now and believe me later, they are not 'working together' as you are implying."

Then he resorted to an unconscionably and undeniably immature "no, YOU'RE the idiot," and the intellectual discussion ensued...

Safe and secure in the absolute certainty that we know who the idiot is, I spent a couple of weeks rolling my eyes and sighing whenever he'd see Kerry, always insisting that Kerry was in cahoots with Bush. But then I couldn't help noticing that Dubya on his own could've run a better campaign than his "opponent" -- and Kerry is not a stoopid man. Soon, the only thing which made any sense was that Bro had called it. [Which does NOT mean that he isn't the idiot, btw. So, there.]

We watched the travesty unfold before our very eyes, knowing that, though Kerry should have been able to sleep his way to a landslide, somehow he'd always managed to lag and keep pace with Dubya. It takes extreme smarts to pull off a stunt like that -- and, again. Kerry is not a stoopid Skull & Bonesman.

And then, in the end, breaking the promise and shirking the solemn DUTY to have every vote count and every vote counted, with evidence of massive and nationwide election fraud already mounting, KERRY GAVE AWAY THAT WHICH WAS NOT HIS TO GIVE. And he did it in the blink of an eye...

Kerry did not and does not own our votes! He had no right to concede, under the circumstances.

I swear my head will explode if I hear one more "activist" say that "Bush won" [LANGUAGE MATTERS!] and talk about what they're going to do "for next time."

"Daddy won't let us count the votes. [*sniff*] Well, he'll be sorry next time!" Uh. Excuse me, but. That's what we said last time...


And it's the only next time we'll get. If we do not stand up and MAKE them count our votes -- THIS TIME -- America is over and no freakin' yellow ribbon will bring her back. There was no "moral values" surprise. There was massive fraud, chicanery, and shenanigans, and a ringer who dropped on cue, according to plan [okay, so he screwed with their heads a little by making them late for a party].

A couple of friends have said that everything Americans needed to know about Kerry was always available on his website, so the fact that he never said any of it convincingly while simultaneously on camera with a national audience is irrelevant. What percentage of Americans gets their news from the internet? That's called "hiding in plain sight."

I will never believe that Bro wasn't right, much as it pains me [on myriad levels]. But I do not believe for a moment that Kerry's wife or his running mate or his supporters were aware of his molehood. And I believe to the very bottom of the cockels of my cold, black heart that had it not been for MoveOn, BuzzFlash, Palast, Conason, Kos, Franken, et al, and hundreds of thousands of others carrying his water for him, Kerry would never have had to work so hard to do so badly -- and against Dubya, his record, failures, falsehoods, appointments, character defects, and mental debilities, etc? To have provided anything less than a complete, utter, irrefutable and unstealable humiliation was to do badly. And I now pray we do not wait for another next time. Godot will come sooner...

and the last...


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