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Diebold Variations: I came into possession of the image of Stalin casting a vote, and wondered what the ghastly old fellow might have made of the new touchscreen voting technology. A magazine ad suggested itself, and then another, and another... They're arranged here in the order conceived; after two days inspiration has flagged, and these 18 are likely all. Here's my attempt at a legal disclaimer. The images may be reproduced, but I retain my copyright, so please include the copyright credit—for choice, "(c)2004 Rand Careaga/salamander.eps" in text, please—and I'd appreciate being advised of use in advance. Also, it's convenient if your re-use includes the text string "Diebold Variations," and I greatly prefer it if there's a link back to this page. Comments are welcome (rcareaga auf mac splotch com—spambots everywhere, damn it. Somewhat desultorily maintained blog is here). Don't forget to vote!


Disclaimer: This page and these images are no way no how affiliated with Diebold Inc., and the statements in the "ads" (let's call them parodies, which might let me off the hook for the appropriation of the Diebold name and chop under "fair use") are not necessarily representative of the opinions of Diebold's executives, shareholders or worker bees, no, not even in their dark malignant hearts, and did I mention that I hold the legal profession in the highest regard? Diebold is a registered trademark of Diebold Corporation. Any other marks are the property of their respective owners.